About us


ALUMCON Part of an Aluminum construction group.

We specialize in residential towers, office towers, and commercial projects.

Quality, on-time delivery and above all professionalism IS our spirit and practice.

ALUMCON We are located at 20 Efal St, Kiryat Arie Industrial Zone, Petach Tikva

ALUMCON Our engineering department is based on architects and engineers with vast experience and knowledge, along with cutting edge design and planning software, including 3D DESIGN.

ALUMCON Our production department utilizes the most advanced CNC machine for all stages of production.

To maintain full control over quality and lead time on projects – the following departments are all in-house:

  • Curtain wall
  • Window
  • ACP panels
  • Doors
  • Metal
  • Glass bonding – certified by DAW CORNING.

ALUMCON Installation is by our own employees with security clearance for all projects including sensitive/secure projects.

ALUMCON Service and supervision of projects by Alumcon’s own service team and through its subsidiary (Maintcon).

ALUMCON Central R&D department maintained by all members of the group for curtain wall and building envelope systems.

ALUMCON We invite you to join our family of customers, find out about our projects and schedule a visit to our factory at any time.

ALUMCON Contact us for information, assistance and professional support for Curtain wall and building envelope system for your project.

The Plant

Equipped with the most advanced CNC machinery for all the stages of processing, the plant is able to achieve products with the highest quality and accuracy possible.

Our manpower is the most knowledgeable and skilled. This combined with the highest quality raw material and strict Quality Assurance processes enables us to achieve the optimal compliance between planning, production, client requests and project status.

Our experienced team of architects and engineers combined with cutting edge 3D Engineering Software technology, attention to detail, client dialogue, and ability to meet special requests is our way to ensure satisfied clients.

It is our goal and practice to use the highest quality raw material. We have commercial ties with leading companies in each sector that we deal with – curtain wall, glass, aluminum, anodize, coating, etc. both local and international.

Our Quality assurance procedures include routine and project oriented inspections at the suppliers’ facilities both local and abroad.

Our staff, at all levels, are given an intensive training program on glass, curtain wall, sealing, new systems, installation methods, project management, relevant regulations and standards.

This is based on our own internal expertise and using experts in all fields.

The Labratory

Alumcon stands behind its commitments – to product quality, implementation level and quality assurance.

The screen wall systems manufactured in the company factories are tested in a laboratory considered One Of the Top Three Worldwide, according to the American standards- ASTM, the European standards-En and Israeli standards.

For every project, the screen walls undergo static and dynamic tests for water and air penetration, thermal and acoustic insulation, breakage and static estimation.

The laboratory allows testing of a model in maximal sizes of 6000X9000 mm.
The laboratory allows Static tests up to 6000pa Pressures wich received from wind speed up to 300 Kilometer per hour.


The technology and term “curtain wall” developed in the USA towards the end of the 19th century as the first skyscrapers were constructed.

Most of the principles, technical knowledge and definition in this field were written up alongside the growing history of America’s skyscrapers.

These same principles are constantly formulated, rewritten and updated by two main institutions:

  1. The American ASTM Standards
  2. AAMA – American Architectural Manufacturers Association

The main differences between the two are that the ASTM sets standards to primarily define the rules and technical definitions that curtain walls must uphold, whereas the AAMA is primarily a guide which defines and instructs on correct planning and work procedures, production processes and installation methods.

Integrating what both organizations offer ensures outcomes of maximum quality.

Glass curtain walls are a structural part of the building, which means they must fulfill a large number of standards set by planning and construction laws.  A large proportion of Israeli standards in this field were drawn from other standards, particularly those of the American ASTM ISO, among others.