Arlozorov  17

Flagship project – 30 storey residential tower in the heart of Tel Aviv

  • Incline curtain wall with 2.7meter window
  • Sliding door with large opening
  • Low e insulated glass with inner electric blinds
  • Incline balustrade
  • 100 meter tall spider wall
  • Stainless steel cladding
  • Extremely complex project
  • Client ELECTRA and ASTRUM

Matam Haifa

Office tower housing Microsoft offices

  • Curtain wall with positive and negative angels.
  • Low e insulated glass with ceramic print
  • 20 meter atrium with concealed ACP ceiling
  • Extremely complex project
  • Completed one month ahead of schedule
  • Client GAV YAM

Ovnat Tower

Hotel and comerical tower in petach tikva

  • Semi stractrual al curtain.
  • Projected out window Low E insulated glass

Client: Melisron

Elisar Holon

High tech office building

  • Curtain wall, strip windows, doors and ACP cladding
  • Client DENAY CEBUS

Kanfi Nesarim

Office and commercial tower in Jerusalem

  • Floor to ceiling curtain wall
  • Tilt and turn windows with louvers
  • 12 meter lobby
  • Low e insulated glass
  • Client HASAKED


Commercial complex

  • Curtain wall, windows, glass wall, low e insulated glass

Love Tel Aviv (Tiltan)

48 floor residential towers (2 TOWERS)

  • Sliding door
  • windows
  • Aluminum clading
  • low E insulated glass with inner magnetic blind

Clients: Denya Cibus

Shekel Tower

  • comrcail bulding 8 floor in Kfar Saba
  • Full stracrural curtian wall
  • Louvers
  • Low E insulated glass

Clients: Shekel investmet